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Green Capitalism:

the God That Failed

Published March 2015 by World Economics Association Books

Smith contends that there is no possible solution to our global ecological crisis within the framework of any conceivable capitalism. The only alternative to market-driven planetary collapse is to transition to a largely planned, mostly publicly-owned economy based on production for need, on democratic governance and rough socio-economic equality, and on contraction and convergence between the global North and South.

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 “Smith brings an impressive command of economics and an engaging conversational style of writing. He explains and illustrates with devastating clarity the key mechanisms of capitalism that force it to grow unendingly . . . In the final two chapters, Smith outlines the ecological constraints necessary for any post-capitalist economy and describes ecosocialist alternatives to capitalism. The necessary changes are staggering . . . To that end he outlines a number of attractive and attainable features of an ecosocialist society.”

David Klein, Truthout | Book Review

“Capitalism promotes an illusion of progress based on the absurd belief that endless growth in a finite world is possible and that the biosphere that enables all life to exist and flourish is a mere adjunct to the economy. For too long, we have ignored the reality that the economic system itself is built on such untenable assumptions . . . Everyone who cares about the future of our children and grandchildren must read Smith’s book so that we can begin the urgent challenge of moving to a different path.”

David Suzuki, University of British Columbia

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