I wrote my UCLA History PhD thesis on the contradictions of market reform in the context of China’s bureaucratic-collectivist class structure. I held postdoctoral appointments at the East-West Center in Honolulu and Rutgers University New Brunswick. Most of my recent work focuses on the problematic of suppressing carbon emissions and other pollutants in capitalist economies and in China's hybrid bureaucratic collectivist-capitalism. My articles have appeared in New Left ReviewJl. of Ecological Economics, Real-World Economics ReviewCommon Dreams.org, Foreign Policy, Spectre and other media. My book Green Capitalism: The God That Failed (World Economic Association Press) appeared in 2016 and my China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse (Pluto Press) in 2020. I'm currently completing The Triumph and Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution, a study of the nature of Mao's revolution and the social system it installed. I'm also a co-founder of System Change Not Climate Change (systemchangenotclimatechange.org) and regularly contribute to the website. 

Richard Smith